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The Legion Podcast

Jul 17, 2019

Dark, blurred-out, glowy-eyed, long-nosed, periphery-dwelling, time-eating, toothy, grinning demons infiltrate Legion this week for possibly the creepiest and most horrific episode yet. Innovative, emotional, tragic, triumphant, and trippy as ever.

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Jul 10, 2019

Legion gave us something completely new this week (just like I was hoping it would), with the introduction of the long awaited Professor X and his backstory. It was new and different but also reflective of the series' past, with some chilling moments, sweetness, romance, and terror. It filled in some blanks, and raised...

Jul 4, 2019

Excited to welcome A.Ron Hubbard of Bald Move back into the fold this week, officially making this a joint Bald Move / Podcastica production. Grab your ceramic cartoon character vaporizer and let's celebrate! P.S. This episode has us examining the nature of healthy and unhealthy relationships in a way that made me...

Jun 26, 2019

Pull up a bean bag and squirt some of the ooze from this blue flower into your tea as Rima and Jason cover the return of Legion for its final season. Beware, the basket is watching.

Starting next week we're joined by A.Ron of Bald Move!

Check out A.Ron's thoughts on this episode (publishing Friday): Bald Move TV...

Jun 15, 2018

Whew, rough season finale if you're rooting for David to be the hero. This episode had us spinning with possibilities, wondering whether we've been misreading reality from the start. Basically, Noah Hawley is the Shadow King and he's messing with our minds!!!  

Note: Jason's audio is crappy sounding for the first 6...